It started raining today


I was in class having a riveting conversation about Facebook and it’s eventual Hipster takeover — right now MySpace is being overrun and sooner than later, Facebook will be the new “hip n happening” place — when it started raining outside.

MOTHER NATURE!! WHo’s side you on?!

At least text me before you unleash the torrent of sprinkles! I got hit by ten drops! That’s ten too many! At least give me some time to safely evacuate back to my room. (WordPress suggested I change evacuate to evaporate because: science)

Rain, I like rain, but the way the sky looks just rips the energy out of me. Maybe if I was playing a sport or something before it started, I wouldn’t mind so much. Still, gloomy weather is just that, gloomy. I’ll skip in puddles after I procrastinate on my assignment, but for now, rain, rain go away. You’re like that lamp-post that no cares about. You think you’re special because we give you a new coat of paint, or change your lightbulb, but you’re WRONG! We just do that so you don’t feel left out.


If you somehow happened to read this far, I commend you. Here is a cookie. Just for you, a cookie, and nice and toasty cookie. Best cookie there is. Now it’s on your computer in your Temp files and now I know where you’re from. Should have blocked my cookies but I tricked you. 44083889

Goodbye, I’m gonna go watch Arthur on Netflix.


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